Red Monochrome – KORSUN

Red Monochrome with KORSUN

Lately, I been trying to add more colour to my wardrobe.  Since all my followers like me wearing RED, I added this beautiful two-piece monochrome suit from a brand called KORSUN. It is bright and bold and beautiful to wear in summer and early Fall season. Made with a luxurious wool blend fabric, this KORSUN two-piece red suit a chic choice for sophisticated styling. I instantly fell in love with the brand when I saw their account on my Pinterest feed.

The joy of going with a monochromatic colour combination is that it will work with a colour you love. To master monochrome dressing is to match everything together in the same colour (i.e. a red suit paired with a red shirt, red shoes, and red purse) or a piece of the same colour family. The only way to wear all your favourite colours together. It’s that easy. I didn’t have a red camisole (which would have been a better choice)  but with red sandals from M.Gemi and the light pink bag from Ame Moi still gives you the monochromatic feel since the bag is within the family colour.

I wore the set to a  Gala event a few weeks ago, and everybody loved my outfit. Monochrome outfits are the most effortless looks to pull off, in my opinion. I had worn monochrome looks almost my whole adult life, mainly when I worked at my 9-5 office job. Obsessed with pink and not sure how to pull it off? The easiest way to create that sophisticated monochromatic look is to wear all of your favourite pink pieces together. If you own pieces of a colour you love, suggest you try to wear head to toe and, you will have the monochromatic vibe, and you will look fabulous and polished without any effort.

The red might be a bit too much for an office outfit if you work in a conservative environment but works well if you are work in a creative industry. Wish you a great Monday! Aurela x

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