My visit to Montreal to see my boy!

Greetings from Montreal. Last week I flew to Montreal to visit my boy. I haven’t seen my boy since last Christmas, so I decided to visit him. He usually comes home during the summer, but this year due to the situation with the COVID, he couldn’t fly to Vancouver. As a mother, to not seeing him for this long is the hardest time. Although I took a risk to travel during the pandemic times, I decided to fly and see him. My visit to Montreal to see my boy was short but much needed.

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I missed him so much, and this trip has been so amazing. Thanks to my husband for planning everything, from market runs to day trips, picnics and all the activities we did together! I didn’t want to go anywhere inside, so all our outings were outside and wearing a mask everywhere we went. My boy was our tour guide since he has been living in the city for over two years now. I have visited Montreal a few times, but my husband hasn’t been for the longest time. We explored my favourite part, Old Montreal. Being a European and living in Vancouver for this long, I always love to be anywhere that has a bit of European vibe. Montreal has a different vibe and is the closest to Europe.

I planned on packing different outfits, but I changed the last minute since I saw that the weather wouldn’t be as hot and the rain was in the forecast. However, I kept two white dresses just in case the weather changes. I am glad I did as the weather changed within hours. I wore a new dress from a Koran brand that I just received a day before I left with the latest shoe addition from Jori Papa based in London. The shoes are my second pair of the same brand. I also have this pair, which I have posted on my Instagram. I adore her shoe collection because they are unique, and the designer is Albanian. Since I am Albanian myself, I felt so connected to the brand.

The outfit is chic but comfortable enough to explore the city in style. Being a big fan of summer whites, this is would be my go-to outfit for the summer for any occasion, date night or brunch with the gals.

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