Must have Self Portrait dress for any occasion!

Today wanted to show you my third look featured in Living Albania magazine story for the summer addition. I spotted this dress in one of my favourite boutiques in Vancouver called Blubird . I was looking not only to find something that represents my style for the feature but also was looking for an outfit to wear to my son’s graduation back in May. Well, it turned out I found the most beautiful Self Portrait dress that was perfect for both occasions. I tend to splurge on timeless pieces, and I think this dress is worth every penny.

Blubird is a family-owned boutique that lives and breaths fashion. The store features the hottest designers from around the world, including Paris, Milan, London to NYC. Blubird Buyers travel around the world sourcing out the perfect pieces. Honestly, I don’t like shopping at big department stores unless I am looking for shoes. I find that boutiques carry unique selection and the shopping experience is much better. If I buy in Vancouver, I try to find boutiques that are closer to European fashion, and I feel that this boutique has a gorgeous selection. Blubird has two boutiques in Vancouver, Canada. One in – downtown on Alberni Street and second at Oakridge Centre. Everything is merchandised beautifully in sections where you’ll have an easy time finding exactly what you need.

If you live in the Vancouver area, make sure to check out the store. I promise you won’t be disappointed in the selection! Have fun shopping!  Also, they have a major sales right now, the perfect timing to stack up on timeless pieces.

Wish you a fabulous week! Aurela



Must have Self Portrait dress for any occasion!

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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. I love Self Portrait and this dress is definitely a timeless piece! These Manolo heels elevate the whole look so beautifully. This timeless piece is definitely worth splurging and love your style!


  2. I love the classic yet vintage vibe of this look. The print match is perfect and suits you well. And who doesn’t love Manolo’s?! Those heels are insanely gorgeous. Great choice<3


  3. Hey Darling
    This Dress is just for me:)
    So Elegant and Feminine:)
    Love the Details and the cute shoes:)
    Kisses Hugs Karina
    Happy Weekend

  4. This is such a cute Carrie Bradshaw moment! I love this fabulous Self Portrait dress and the zigzag pleated skirt is beautiful. Of course those manolos are classic and timeless! You look beautiful

    xo Sheree

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