Minimalist Versatile Sophistication with THIRD FORM

I love wearing a party dress here and there or keeping up with the trends that look good on me, but my closet is full of minimalist pieces that I wear on repeat. And yes they are all black, whites or stripes. It’s a combination that I love to wear and I feel that looks good on me and fits my style. Tailored pieces and menswear inspired looks, have always been my preference when dressing up. If I attend an event, I’d rather rock an all-white version that Michelle Pfeiffer wore, with a high-slit skirt, in Scarface. 

Are you a minimalist lover as much as I am? If you are, you would fall in love with THIRD FORM. An Australian fashion label providing a curated balance between minimalist sophistication, urban edge and the female form that conveys strength. It’s truly a minimalist dream.

All of the pieces can be mixed and matched to create a number of outfits and most importantly things that you actually want to wear. I prefer owning items that I can wear for more than one season, or more than one way. So when I discovered the label I was super happy.

These trans-seasonal pieces from Third Form will be a favourite wardrobe staple, that you will see me wear from day to night. Black Mesh LS Dress is perfect to layer over a slip or wear alone with a sleek bra and bottoms like I have in my first look. The New Order Vest is perfect for layering as well,  featuring a tailored aesthetic with an urban edge. Set to become a staple item in your wardrobe. Wear it as a dress like in my second look or layered over a slip dress for an alluring look. Which look would you wear?

Tell me in the comments below 🙂 Thanks for reading! Aurela x

Wearing : Third Form: PantsMesh Dress Vest | Christian Louboutin – Shoes | Dylan Kain – Bag| Celine – Sunglasses |

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Look 2

Wearing :Third Form: PantsMesh Dress Vest Steve Madden Shoes | Dylan KainBelt | Celine – Sunglasses |



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Aurela Nasedkin


  1. Wow that sheer black dress looks so sensual on u and when paired with different items, it gives off different vibes 😉 I like it when u pair it with the white pants for a contrast and I do like the sensual au black dress look too!

  2. OMG! Girl you are killing it with this dress! Def checking out this chic brand!
    Love how the dress looks by itself as well as with the pants. I can’t pick a favorite since they are both so chic and sexy!
    Loving the pics too!

  3. I am a minimalist like you I wear a lot of black but need to start incorporating more white. I am loving that dress and how you styled it. Especially the pants and layering combo. Seriously perfection. I haven’t heard of third form but I’m definitely going to check them out

  4. Hey Beautiful:)
    Hows you?
    Loved Each Look, and To be Honest can’t decide which was my Favorite:)
    The First with the White pants makes nice Contrast but the Dress, sooo Elegant and Fancy:) You are Amazing:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Day for you

  5. Honestly, they are both perfection and I would wear either! I don’t consider myself to have minimalistic style, but I change style so often that having minimalistic pieces is a must because it will likely fit my mood a dozen or more times a year.

    I adore Australian labels and THIRD FORM is one I must be personally introduced to! I adore that they mix classic design with raw edge! This design trait makes the label especially appealing to me! I’m right with you on owning piece you can wear season to season without feeling outdated. These type of pieces are always the ones I invest in.

    Manda |

  6. I do believe that minimalistic pieces are the key to a stylish look. Most of the pieces I own are mainly black and white too, and I simply love it and couldn’t imagine my life without them. So I’m totally a minimalist lover!
    The look you’ve created is so unique, bold and sophisticated! I would definitely go for it!
    Cheers, Eliza |

  7. The mesh dress is definitely the star of these three looks. I love how the dress, when paired with either the vest or the bottoms, gives off a different vibe. The white bottoms are very refreshing to the eye compared to the black. Xo, Jessica

  8. Wow !! I never heard of Third Form but I’m really glad to find out about them to and to see your amazing style! This dress and everything here is beyond amazing! You have chosen such beautiful pieces and your accessories are gorgeous!

  9. I used to be a huge fan of color and lots of it! Now, not so much! I’m not sure if that comes with maturity or just a simple change in style, but like yourself, I’m a huge fan of minimal pieces. This is definitely one of my favorite minimal look I’ve seen in a while. I love mesh on you!

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