Mar Adentro Hotel – Cabo Part 1

Currently on the plane flying back to Vancouver, finally catching up on my posts. I haven’t been blogging for a while as I was prepping for the trip to Cabo and my work was very intense before I left.  Now I fear going back to Vancouver, as I hear that it is snowing and very cold. I can’t complain though, I had the most beautiful romantic getaway with my love, 8 days of total bliss. 

All I wanted was to go for an all inclusive sunny destination, to escape the cold winter in Vancouver, but my love said we are going to Mar Adentro Los Cabos hotel. Yes, he does have great taste for choosing this unreal spot. Hip, modern, luxurious, boutique hotel, a hidden gem that you must visit. I admit it is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. A modern architectural design offering understated luxury. A great experience combined with high end technology and crisp white interior that I love. The pool scene is tranquil, chic and ambience to die for,  feels appropriate and highly recommend for a romantic getaway.  The all-white atmosphere is all Instagram worthy pictures 🙂

The view from our room was breathtaking and sun sets and the lights all around it felt appropriate and sexy!

When we arrived in Cabo it was a disaster. When we landed we had to wait 2 hours to get through the immigration line up. By the time we were able to get out we were informed that our luggage was missing. Thank god I packed few of my expensive things in my carry on bag. Don’t know if the missing luggage, or being hustled outside of the airport, put us in a bad mood. We were both anxious to arrive to our hotel and have a margarita by the pool and soak up the sun. I had seen the pictures of our hotel on the website and for some reason while driving from the airport, I was hoping the hotel would look exactly like the pictures. We arrived an hour later and I was stunned, shocked, and happy, as soon as I stepped into the hotel. The hotel was breathtaking !! I jumped for joy at that moment I couldn’t care less about my missing luggage. Can you blame me ? I love this briefcase from Venque that I got before I left for my trip. Perfectly structured to carry all of your work essentials and totally made for a #bossgirl.  As a travel bag, the briefcase can also be attached to your luggage and convert into a carry-on.

Breakfast and lunch restaurant. They have the best sushi !

Dinner with this view was just magical !

The front desk told us that we could purchase clothes at a store called MEGA, which is similar to Walmart. I purchased a black bikini, shorts, and a pair of flip flops,  all for $30 bucks 🙂 Not a bad deal right? 



However, the next day we got our luggage and I was so excited to just take pictures and explore the town on the cute white bikes provided by the hotel.  We explored the small town close to our hotel, San Jose De Cabo,  had lunch, and of course I did some shopping 🙂 Here is my first few outfits and pictures of our hotel.  I have so many to post,  so I’ll try to post a few in the next week. Stay tuned 🙂 Sorry for the long post ! Happy Sunday ! Aurela xoxox 




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