Happy 1st May with M.Gemi

Finally, the weather is warmer, and I am excited that summer is around the corner and the sunshine will be present for the next few months. I am not a cold weather girl and winter is the least favourite season. However, the Spring & Summer seasons are both my favourite. Happy is May 1st and almost time to ditch the coats and big sweaters!

I travelled to Montreal last week to visit my son, and the weather was terrible. Rainy for two days and windy. The reason why I couldn’t move there although I love the city vibe. Vancouver it’s much warmer in terms of the weather but is missing the European vibrancy that I miss.

Today, I wanted to show you my new pair of heels which are a new M.Gemmi upcoming collection. The Y-Heel is the new signature heel that is sexy in an ultra-feminine way. Check out the collection here and use code AURELA40 to get $40 off of your first order. I am a shoe lover, and these heels are a style stapler in your closet and would work for all season. Pair them with jeans, dresses, skirts and suits you will feel sexy wearing them. The heel provides plenty of height, and yet the shoes are comfortable and easy to walk around in. Happy May 1st darlings!

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