Goodbye, 2019- Cheers to a new decade!

Goodbye, 2019- Cheers to a new decade! Hello lovelies, I’m wrapping up this decade and feeling proud of everything I have accomplished the last year. To start I gave myself a new hairdo, went bold and introduced my followers to a new look. I’d be honest I wasn’t sure about it at first. I wanted to start the New Year with something different. I decided to do the bangs. The reaction has been amazing, I felt so flattered to see all the DM on my Instagram.

I wanted to write this blog post for myself especially my old self because I’m very self-critical and being proud of myself has never been easy for me. In the last few years I’ve been growing in ways I’ve never dreamed. I’m not talking about career goals and what I achieved. I decided to work on myself every day and step out of my comfort zone.

My journey started in 2015 right after my son left home to attend Queens University. I decided to start my fashion blog and Instagram to escape my empty nest and focus on something I love which is fashion. Quitting my job a year ago to follow my passion has been a game-changer for my comfort zone and fashion career. With the ability to seamlessly mix high-end streetwear with practical, everyday pieces,  Aurela Fashionista grew to156,000 followers on Instagram. My approach to style is edgy, fun, and timeless all at once. As an influencer in my 40’s, I started my career in Supply Chain Management before becoming an Estimator and Fashion buyer after. Even though I don’t come from a more traditional fashion background major fashion and beauty brands took notice. I am proud of myself for being part of all the partnerships I had in #2019.

2019 in a nutshell:

I was part of the inaugural Fellowship training program with @durablemode held @parsons_fashion school, NYC. The fellowship aims to transform and educate sustainability issues in the fashion and beauty industry. Had a guest’s appearance on a TV show in Albania @RUDINAMAGJISTARI. I had four magazine features: Elle Japan, Albanian Living Magazine, Reviste Elegance Albania, WhoWhatWear. Attended PFW for the first time. Attended my dream shows one of them being Balmain & Chloe for the first time. I was an ambassador for the Diamond Foundry x Balmain joint venture during Paris Fashion Week show #BALMAINxDIAMONDFOUNDRY . Landed partnership with Club Monaco, HM, Pandora and many other major brands. To finish was named the top 2 Vancouver Fashion blogger to follow.

I thank you all for your support! Thank you for following along and for giving me so much love. Nothing would have been possible without you! Happy NEW YEAR! I love you all! AURELA

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