All Black with a Pop Of Colour!

I have been wearing all black all my adult life. Believe it not I wore all black when I met my son’s father family. My mom was mortified when she found out I wore all black to met my in-laws. You see in my culture its bad luck to wear all black. I remember when I lived back home you only wore black to funerals. My mom never liked me wearing all black. She always would ask: Aurela, did someone died? Why are you wearing all black, you aren’t going to a funeral!

Even though my mom disliked me wearing black, I continued to wear it anyway. You see, I was a rebellious soul and if I liked something nothing would stop me, even the Albanian superstition. Nothing makes getting dressed easier than piling on a bunch of blacks and calling it a day. Black is flattering to any body shape, mysterious and you will look sophisticated instantly.

However, just to make my momma happy I added a pop of colour to this look. I’d wear my Manolos with every outfit if I could. They make any outfit stand out without any effort!

How about you gals? Are you an all-black girl or you prefer to always accessorize it with a pop of colour. I usually prefer all black monochrome, especially for the winter season!

Have a fabulous weekend and hopefully you won’t get the flu. I’ve been sick with the flu for about a week now! Hopefully, I will feel better soon as I am travelling to Europe very soon.

Wearing: Zara – Coat & Hat| Too Damn Expensive – Trousers | Delphin The Label – TOP | Manolo Blahnik – Heels | Gucci – Bag|




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