A trip to New York City and what I wore

A trip to New York City and what I wore in the city.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen that I recently travelled to New York for a project (more on that later). I love NYC, and every time I go to the city, I get overjoyed of excitement. I love the city and I been dreaming of moving to the town since Sex and the City show. My sister came to meet me from Ann Harbour, and every time we are together, we have a blast. We think the same, we like the same things, and she makes me laugh out loud all day long. In a few days, I will try to post all the looks that I wore on my trip to New York City.

Before I left Vancouver, I did a quick pull on my Instagram stories asking if I should pack my husband suits. A few people said no, actually surprised by some women that I know that said NO. However, I decided to pack it because I love it, the fit, the colour is right up my alley. As you know, I love wearing oversized blazers, and I been finding that my husband’s blazer fits me better. I stopped searching for a perfect oversized blazer soon as I discovered that his clothes work perfectly on me. Ignoring the 25% pull of saying NO, I packed it and wore the second day I arrived in the city.

To my surprise, the weather in New York was so beautiful it felt like summer. So wearing the suit was a great choice. I had so many compliments. Paired with my vintage find fur coat it looked more glamours than I thought it would be. I added a cashmere sweater from Club Monaco, Hermes belt, Chanel broch and my favourite shoes from W Concept. Probably one of my favourites looks. I would wear on a repeat if my husband allows me to wear it more often:)

As tell all my client’s oversized look doesn’t look good on all women. However, I encourage you to try your hubbies blazers for a start, not the whole suit. You never know you might look good.

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  1. You always have the greatest ideas for travel wear. Love it 🙂

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