Stripes in the City!


Yesterday I’ve arrived in Vancouver after spending almost a week at the beach house. I enjoyed the weekend much more this time as my son was with us. He usually works and likes to spend his free time in the city with his friends. But this weekend, we went boating, wake boarding, and spent some quality time together.  As much as I love city life, being at the beach house for the weekend, feels like a mini vacation. Continue Reading

Off-the-Shoulder Blouse!


Lately I’ve been replacing regular tops and shirts, with off-the-shoulder tops. I don’t know about you, but I am loving this trend and have already purchased a few of them.  Shoulder baring is sexy without trying too hard, it’s chic and makes sure will stand out from the crowd. The off-the-shoulder silhouette can easily work with everything, from jeans, trousers, to cute shorts for your  summer vacation. Continue Reading

Striped St. Paul Village – France



It has been an amazing few days so far, I arrived in Corsica few days ago with my boyfriend to spend a week with a few other couples. The other night we took a short 25 min flight to Nice for the night. We visited St. Paul village and stayed at the amazing Le Mas de PierreThe village was a well known center for art because of the lighting and the scenery. The hotel La Colombe d’Or has been host to such extraordinary personalities as Pablo Picasso, Jacques Prévert, Yves Montand and James Baldwin.  The walls are covered by paintings, which often were exchanged for a stay, or a few meals from all this artist, since they couldn’t afford to pay. Now the original paintings are worth millions of dollars , and were absolutely amazing! Continue Reading

Summer Neutrals!



It’s my last few hours at work before I leave to the airport for vacation, and I am super excited to swim in the Mediterranean and be with my family. Meanwhile while I am trying to finish my work obligations and am trying to squeeze this blog post in between. Thankfully I am all packed and ready to go soon as I get home. I usually am a last minute kind a girl and it can be frustrating at times. Continue Reading