Lady in White!



I have always loved to wear off white, creamy colors for fall and winter, but Vancouver is known to be rainy city, and that doesn’t allow me to wear such outfits. Although I can’t complain, we had a fantastic season with lots of sunshine, and very little rain so far. As the weather in Vancouver changes drastically within hours i’m trying to take advantage of the sunny weather like we had few days ago. Continue Reading

All white – Corsica, South of France!


Recently in Vancouver we had one of the best events of the year, Dînner en Blanc, which combines a beautiful outdoor venue, with the sophistication of a gourmet picnic and everybody wears all white. As you might know I love whites, the interior in my condo is all white and I love to dress in all white. All-white feels crispy clean, chic and very sophisticated for me and I tend to wear lots of whites no matter the season. Thankfully now there is no rule of wearing whites, you can wear whites even after the September long weekend. Continue Reading

All-White Summer Look!


Hello Fashionistas,

It’s summer, and that means a lot of whites outfits for me. By now, from my previous post, you know that I have an obsession with jumpsuits and all whites. All my girlfriends ask me about my outfits every time I go out, and when I tell them that is from Forever21 they don’t believe it. The response I get is how come when we go there we don’t find anything decent, let alone beautiful pieces like you wear. I love Forever21, Topshop, Zara, and HM for summer outfits as they all have beautiful pieces without breaking your wallet. If I spend money, it is always for bags, shoes or classic minimalistic pieces. Continue Reading