Statement sleeves with Storets!

This past week has been so stressful as I’ve been dealing with allergies on my eyes for few days and it has greatly affected my vision and mood. I struggle when I use my computer at work and when use my phone, everything is blurry and I get tired so easily. I have never had any problems with my vision. I don’t use reading glasses either. Last Thursday was the first time I have ever had my eyes checked. Thankfully nothing serious was going on and I don’t need reading glasses just yet.

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Normally my signature style would be simple, chic, and sophisticated. I feel that this style suits my personality. However, at times I like to explore the trends and experience different styles. Embroidery is one of the hottest fashion trends right now so I thought to give it a try with footwear, since I am a shoe addict 🙂  These Public Desire floral booties are taking Instagram by storm. Every blogger seems to be obsessed with them.  Continue Reading

Because You Can Never have Enough Stripes in your closet !

It has been a crazy week with my work and the weather has been so bad, rainy, and gloomy for over three months. This rain is driving me insane and doesn’t help with blogging either. I haven’t had the chance to do any photoshoots due to the crazy weather. Last Sunday I was running errands and went for lunch with my fiancé and since the rain stopped for few hours my love suggested we do a small photoshoot. It was gloomy still, but I was happy to finally see cherry blossoms and be able to walk around the city without having to hold an umbrella. Continue Reading

Chic and Stylish Via Too Damn Expensive!

For the longest time, I kept seeing some of my favourite bloggers using #TooDamnExpensive hashtag and I started wondering about the brand and decided to look it up. After I checked all the collection from newly Scandinavian line called To Damn Expensive, I was obsessed. Created by the Norwegian designer Elisabeth Vestli, the garments are well curated and beautifully executed. The line is monochrome, contemporary, minimalistic and very stylish. Every piece is so unique and edgy. Continue Reading