How to Wear Wide Leg Pants


Wide leg trousers have been around for decades. This masculine look, that was so popular back in the 1930’s, is one of my favourite trends to wear. I’ve always loved how classy Katherine Hepburn looked in her wide leg trousers. These pants can be a bit tricky to wear if you have a petite & curvy frame like myself. I personally love to wear these pants when I feel bloated but still want to look chic and comfortable. Victoria B wears this trend so perfectly that she makes me want to copy all her looks. Continue Reading

White on white with a Pop of Red!

White on white with a Pop of Red!

Summer days are almost over and fall season is around the corner. This year summer felt so short for me in Vancouver. Sadly, we had the biggest wildfires in our province for over a month and because of it, the air quality was bad. Finally, clear breathing, blue skies and air quality throughout the region has improved. To cherish the blue sky and the hot summer day I decided to wear my favourite shade, summer whites. Continue Reading

Strathberry Nano Bag – Nude Attitude

Strathberry Nano Bag - Nude Attitude

Fall is around the corner, which means lots of neutrals for me. Basics and Nudes. Two staples in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Their definitions alone speak volumes to the minimalistic aesthetic that I love and live by. There’s a strong sense of elegance in neutral colours that represent sensibility, maturity, and class. Paired them together create a simple and sophisticated outfit, that you could wear anywhere day or night. Their innate sense of freedom and ease work harmoniously with whites, greys, or blush tones; simply perfect for my street-chic style. Continue Reading

Too Damn Expensive Black Dress

Back in March, I posted about a Scandinavian line that I had just discovered, called Too Damn Expensive by Elisabeth Vestli (here)Now, I have to share with you this Norwegian designer’s stylish take on the classic, chic, black dress. If you follow my blog or Instagram, you should know by now that my closet is overflowing with black minimalist pieces, but this dress stands out with its edgy, avant-garde flair. Continue Reading