Planning a wedding is so stressful especially when it’s overseas. Even if you have a wedding planner at your disposal, the stress factor can be high. Getting your husband-to-be excited about the wedding planning it is also a challenge. He has already decided that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Like many men, that’s enough. Guys are often impatient when it comes to flowers, bridesmaid dresses and favours and all the details that come with that. All he wants to know is the place, how much the venue will cost and who is coming to the wedding, the rest is up to me. Continue Reading

Class Act: Defining Elegance From Within

Class Act: Defining Elegance From Within

Do you like to call yourself classy or consider yourself as such?

In Instagrams world of self-promotion, it is almost necessary to identify yourself the way you want to be perceived. But, would you actually say and describe what you are? Or, would you just let your actions speak for themselves? I get flattered when others compliment my sense of style. If someone asks me to describe my sense of style I truly don’t have a label. I love dressing the way I feel and how I want to be without using a label. I definitely try to dress for the occasion and what looks good on me. Continue Reading

Très Chic in Portland City

I am guilty of many things in life, but being always late is on the top of the list. If I say I’m on my way, most likely I am trying to figure out what I am wearing. Learning how to manage my time is on my to-do-list of improvement. Finally, I decided to edit the outfit pictures that I wore in Portland a few weeks ago. It shouldn’t come as a surprise but as I am typing away this blog post I realized that I have an event at 5;30 pm tonight and I am sure me being late won’t come as surprise to my girlfriend. Continue Reading

Kimpton Hotel Vintage – A weekend in Portland

I haven’t been to Portland in a few years. The last time I was on my way to California and only stopped for a quick lunch. Since then I have always wanted to come back and explore the city. A few weeks ago my love and I decided to drive to Portland for the weekend. While searching for a hotel to stay I came across Vintage Kimpton Hotel and instantly fell in love with the décor, and the location was prime for our short stay. Continue Reading