Must have Self Portrait dress for any occasion!

Today wanted to show you my third look featured in Living Albania magazine story for the summer addition. I spotted this dress in one of my favourite boutiques in Vancouver called Blubird . I was looking not only to find something that represents my style for the feature but also was looking for an outfit to wear to my son’s graduation back in May. Well, it turned out I found the most beautiful Self Portrait dress that was perfect for both occasions. I tend to splurge on timeless pieces, and I think this dress is worth every penny. Continue Reading

How I use Dubli to shop and look stylish for my upcoming trip

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On my previous post, I mention that I am travelling to Europe in September for my wedding. When I travel, I always try to purchase a few new pieces to pack with me. All my girlfriends do the same; I guess it is a women’s thing. We all want to look good while travelling. Think of all the pictures we are taking while travelling. Packing for a summer trip can be easy. All I need to pack for a summer trip is a few dresses, shorts, skirts, sandals, hats and maybe one wicker bag and skin care products. Continue Reading

Tommy Hilfiger Summer Essentials with Macy’s

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It’s officially Summer which means that stripe season has commenced! There’s no other garment that I love to wear more in the summertime than stripes. I can pretty much admit that I am addicted to stripes. It’s a summer staple and a foundation for your seasonal wardrobe so I’d choose pieces that you can style in different ways. Continue Reading