Three different looks in the same Chunky Cardigan

Is better late than never. I wanted to do a blog post for the longest time with one my favourite chunky cardigans that I received last year. The cardi is Mums Handmade, a Greek brand known for its super chunky cardigans as I’m wearing today three different ways. Is one of my favourite cardigan that I have ever worn. The cardigan is one size fits all and believe is one of the coziest cardigan ever.  Continue Reading

All Black with a Pop Of Colour!

I have been wearing all black all my adult life. Believe it not I wore all black when I met my son’s father family. My mom was mortified when she found out I wore all black to met my in-laws. You see in my culture its bad luck to wear all black. I remember when I lived back home you only wore black to funerals. My mom never liked me wearing all black. She always would ask: Aurela, did someone died? Why are you wearing all black, you aren’t going to a funeral! Continue Reading


I always dreamt of being a Parisian. I tell my family and friends my body is in Vancouver but my soul in Paris. I’ve had a love affair with Parisian women since I was very young. From the simplicity and always well put-together looks —it is no wonder that everyone finds something in French fashion to adore. It’s effortless, chic and with a little bit of effort, anyone can pull it off. Continue Reading